POMGen is a national referral and teaching hospital. It is the only teaching and referral hospital in Papua New Guinea, and the only secondary and tertiary care provider in the region.

The challenges

POMGen faces a number of challenges.

Piggy bank icon Insufficient government funding
wheelchair icon Increasing in-patient and out-patient volumes
hospital icon Aging facilities
hospital bed icon Lack of in-patient facilities in the provinces
group of people icon Increasing population
pin drop icon Insufficient service facilities in urban clinics
heartbeat icon Limited acute services in the region

The hospital will continue to face challenges into the foreseeable future. Even after it is successfully operating at a level 7 standard, it, like all health care institutions, will continue to benefit from funding and initiatives in addition to those that can be provided from the PNG Government.

The charter

The Sir Theo Foundation was founded in 2014 on a charter to support charitable purposes.

These include:

  • The relief or prevention of sickness, pain or suffering.
  • The provision of funds to support the administration, operation, and maintenance of certain hospitals and health facilities.
  • The arrangement and upkeep of facilities to accommodate caregivers and relatives of patients in hospitals.

Sir Theo Constantinou is the founder and principal supporter of the Foundation. He is committed to seeing the hospital transition into one of reputable international standard, with the staff and facilities necessary to fully support the people of PNG and the region.

Get to know the founder

Learn more about Sir Theo and his goals for the Foundation.